The Top 10 Best Pack n Play Mattresses – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide 2021

Last Updated on July 14, 2022

As a parent, you need to be prepared for every situation. When it comes to sleep or playtime, having a pack n play playard can come in handy. These products can offer a safe and comfortable place for your infant or toddler to sleep and they can allow space for your little one to play around without wandering off too far.

Another advantage of pack n play sets is that they are often collapsible so that you can bring them with you on your next adventure.

Before we begin, you should be aware that Pack N Play is a specific product made by Graco. However, pack n play is also a generic term to describe other similar units. In either case, the products come in various sizes, so it is vital to check the dimensions before buying a pack n play mattress to make sure that it will fit. 

A baby lying on a  pack n play mattress

Image courtesy of Dreamcountry

According to most experts, these playards are ideal for newborns and children up to 35 pounds. So, the product should grow with your little one, making it a smart investment for now and into the future. 

However, while playards are useful, they often come with one downside - a hard and uncomfortable mattress. In many cases, the mattress that comes with the unit is either too firm or too thin, or perhaps it eventually wears out, meaning that you will want to find a replacement. 

So, with that in mind, we will show you some of the 10 top-rated pack n play mattresses on the market.

Pack n Play Mattress Buyer’s Guide

Design and Materials

A pack n play mattress should fit your playard exactly. Most of these products measure around 38 by 26 inches, with varying thicknesses from one to 3.5 inches.

The mattress should fit perfectly inside the pack n play to prevent your child’s arm, hand, or other body parts from getting stuck between the bed and the side of the playard.

Typically, pack n play mattresses are made of high-density foam, which cradles your child without allowing them to sink in too far. Some models use softer memory foam, which means that they are better suited for toddlers three years old and up. 

Another element to consider is that most of these beds are not inherently waterproof, so having a mattress cover can help make cleaning up messes easier. Some models will come with this piece and other times you’ll have to buy it separately, so pay attention when comparing. 

Many of these beds are 
 certified, meaning that they are free of harsh chemicals and toxins. Look for the certification when comparing models.

Some pack n play mattresses fold for easy carrying. This design can be convenient, but the seams can wear down faster than single-piece units, particularly if you fold the bed often. 

Firmness and Comfort

A pack n play mattress should be firm, but not too hard. If your baby sleeps on their stomach, you want to make sure that they won’t sink too far into the foam, for risk of suffocation. Also, on a softer mattress, it can be harder for your little one to shift position and roll around.

Since most pack n play mattresses are made with high-density foam, they will feel firmer than standard memory foam. Some models are dual-sided, with extra-firm foam on one side and softer foam on the other. In this case, the two sides make it easier for the mattress to grow with your child.

When looking at softer beds, however, consider that the foam may compress over time. When this happens, the mattress becomes thinner and less comfortable. While rotating the bed can help, low-quality models will compress faster than others.

Some mattresses have a rough pattern on the cover, so it can help to use sheets, which will be softer against your child’s skin. This is another reason to have a tight seam between the mattress and the edge of the playard - so sheets won’t come loose easily. 

Mattresses with rounded edges can also make it easier to use sheets since you can tuck them in more efficiently and they won’t slip off as they would with sharper corners.


Chances are you will use a pack n play mattress quite often. Since these playards are designed for sleeping and playing, your little one could spend a lot of time in them. Here are some features to pay attention when searching for one that offers good value:

  • Warranty - Some manufacturers will offer a limited warranty against defects or damage related to shipping.
  • Durability - Some pack n play mattresses fold to make them easier to carry. However, these seams can break down quickly when compared with single-piece models.
  • Sleep Trial - Not all manufacturers offer a sleep trial, which allows you to return the bed after a certain period (i.e., 30 days) if your child doesn’t like it.

Pack n Play Mattress Comparative Chart




Dimensions (inches)


Warranty/Trial Period

Dual-Sided Pad 

38 x 26 x 3.5

Dual-Sided Single Piece

Limited Lifetime Guarantee Against Defects

Gold Certified for Safety

37.5 x 25.5 x 3

Single Piece

Three-Month Limited Warranty Against Defects

Folds Tight for Carrying

38 x 26 x 2.25

Tri-Fold Design

Limited Lifetime Guarantee Against Defects

Waterproof Mattress Cover

38 x 26 x 1.5

Tri-Fold Design

30-Day Return Warranty

Organic Cotton

37.5 x 26 x 1.5

Tri-Fold Design

100-Night Sleep Trial


38 x 24 x 2 and 38 x 24 x 3

Single Piece

One Year Warranty

Complimentary Cover Provided

38 x 26 x 2.5

Single Piece

30-Day Return Warranty

Washable Cover

38 x 26 x 3

Tri-Fold Design

30-Day Return Window Through Amazon

Dual-Sided Mattress Cover

37.5 x 26 x 3

Dual-Sided Single Piece

30-Day Return Warrantyl

Dual-Sided Tri-Fold Mattress

38.5 x 26 x 1.8

Dual-Sided Tri-Fold Design

30-Day Return Window Through Amazon

Top 10 Best Pack n Play Mattress Reviews

Dual-Sided Pad :
Design and Materials
Typically, a pack and play mattress will only be suitable for infants or toddlers, but not both. Fortunately, this dual-sided bed from Hiccapop is much more versatile. The infant side is made of thicker foam so that your little one doesn’t sink too far while sleeping. As your child grows, you can flip it to the softer foam side.
This pack n play mattress dimensions are 38 inches by 26, which is suitable for many different pack n play sets, but not all of them. Make sure to measure your play yard to make sure it fits with no gaps.

Firmness and Comfort
Since this is a dual-sided mattress and each side is labeled with age recommendations, you can choose the foam density that is right for your little one. According to Hiccapop, the firmer side is ideal for infants up to nine months old. The softer side is best for babies nine months and older. The soft jacquard cover will feel smooth against your baby’s skin.

Hiccapop offers a lifetime guarantee on all of its products, which protects against any defective materials, but not damage or wear and tear caused by use.
  • Dual-sided for infants and toddlers
  • Extra-thick 3.25-inch foam for added comfort
  • Round edges make it easier to use pack and play sheets
  • Washable cover provided
  • High safety ratings
  • The firm side is a little softer than other infant-only mattresses
  • In rare cases, the bed comes with a strong odor upon arrival
Gold Certified For Safety: 
Design and Materials

Unlike the Hiccapop bed above, this mattress is only made of high-density foam, making it ideal for infants six months old and up.

The thin, removable cover is antimicrobial and resists staining to help make sure that your bed stays clean for longer.

This mattress is labeled GreenGuard Gold certified, which is similar to CertiPUR-US. The gold certification means that the mattress is free of volatile organic compounds (VOCs).

This mattress’s measurements are slightly shorter than others, so it does not fit all playards. This mattress is 37.5 inches long and 25.5 inches wide compared to others that are 38” x 26”.

Firmness and Comfort

Since this mattress is firmer, it will keep your baby’s head up when they sleep on their stomach. This mattress also has excellent edge support so your little one doesn’t roll to the edge while sleeping.

The cover has a somewhat rough pattern, so we recommend using a sheet over it.


Dream on Me offers a three-month warranty against defects or shipping damage, but only if you buy from them directly. If you purchase through Amazon, you can receive a standard 30-day return window.

  • GreenGuard Gold certified
  • Extra-thick support
  • Easy to clean
  • Long-lasting materials
  • May be too firm for your baby
  • Does not fit all pack n play yards
Folds Tight For Carrying:
Design and Materials

One of the primary advantages of using a playard is that it is light and portable. However, trying to carry a pack n play mattress can be a hassle. Fortunately, tri-fold models like this are far easier to transport.

The dual-sided foam design means that you can use the bed for both infants and toddlers, making it far more versatile and long-lasting. However, keep in mind that the seams where the mattress folds can wear down faster than other sections.

Another rare issue that can come from folding mattresses is that they may not lay completely flat. In some cases, one side may be raised slightly, which could potentially create a hazardous gap on the side. 

Firmness and Comfort

The infant side of the mattress is made with high-density foam, which provides excellent head and neck support. The opposite side is made with soft memory foam, which is perfect for toddlers who tend to fidget while resting.

The ultra-soft jacquard cover is very comfortable. It’s also washable and stain-resistant, making it much easier to clean. 

As with all Hiccapop products, this bed comes with a limited lifetime guarantee, but it only covers defects in the materials.

As with all Hiccapop products, this bed comes with a limited lifetime guarantee, but it only covers defects in the materials. 
  • Folds compactly for easier transport
  • Soft Jacquard cover 
  • Dual-sided for infants and toddlers
  • Fold creases can wear down faster than other mattresses
  • In rare cases, the mattress may not lay completely flat
Waterproof Cover: 
Design and Materials

Here we have another tri-fold design that makes it easier to take the bed with you wherever you go. However, this product is only meant for toddlers because it is made with softer foam.

Another highlight of this pack n play mattress is that it comes with a waterproof cover for easy cleaning. Even if you decide to use pack n play mattress sheets, you don’t have to worry about the foam getting dirty.

This mattress comes with a carrying bag to make it easier to bring along or store when you’re not using your pack n play set. 

Firmness and Comfort

This particular mattress is relatively soft, so it is actually not meant for infants. Toddlers will appreciate the softness of the foam, and it will work well for side sleepers.


Milliard has a standard 30-day return policy on all of its products. If the product is defective, you will be reimbursed for return shipping costs. Otherwise, you have to pay these expenses yourself.

  • Waterproof mattress cover
  • Soft comfort works well for toddlers
  • Folds compactly for easy transport
  • Carrying bag included
  • Fits most playards
  • Softer foam will compress faster than other beds
  • Tri-fold seams can wear down quickly
Organic Cottons:
Design and Materials

If you want an organic pack n play mattress, this model from NapYou utilizes organic cotton materials to be softer and more environmentally-friendly.

This unit is another tri-fold model that comes with a carrying bag, making it ideal for busy parents on the go. 

Firmness and Comfort

This model is designed for babies, so the foam inside is firm enough to give the right amount of support. It is a little softer than other infant-only models, but it will work in most situations.

Another disadvantage of this mattress is that it is too thin for fitted pack n play organic mattress sheets. If the sheets are snug around the edges, they will cause the corners to bend in, creating a bulge in the center. If you use non-fitted sheets, however, this won’t be a problem. 


NapYou offers a 100-night sleep trial. If your little one doesn’t like sleeping on it, you can get a full refund, no questions asked.

  • Organic cotton materials
  • Tri-fold design for quick transport
  • Carrying bag included
  • Fits most Graco playards
  • 100-night sleep trial
  • Not CertiPUR-US certified
  • Sheets can cause the mattress to bend
Design and Materials

Although play yard mattress options are relatively standard, crib mattresses can vary wildly. Even though this bed is technically meant for “portable cribs,” it does work well with pack n play yards, depending on their size.

It is ideal for babies, thanks to its high-density foam and edge support. The cover is also non-allergenic, antimicrobial, waterproof and even stain-resistant to keep it looking pristine for longer. 

Firmness and Comfort

Overall, this mattress is not too firm, but not too soft. The pad cover helps make it more comfortable for your little one, particularly when brushed against the skin.

Pack n play mattress thickness matters because thinner foam may flatten out over time. To alleviate this problem, you can buy a model with denser foam or flip the mattress regularly. In this case, LA Baby has a two or three-inch version of this mattress, so you can choose accordingly. 


LA Baby offers a one-year limited warranty against defects or shipping damage.

  • Non-allergenic materials
  • Affordable
  • Two thicknesses available
  • One-year warranty
  • Soft and smooth surface
  • Not CertiPUR-US certified
  • Does not fit all playard models
Complimentary Cover Provided:
Design and Materials
As with the tri-fold model from Milliard, this unit is not designed for babies, so keep that in mind. The foam is softer and more sensitive, making it more ideal for toddlers.

This product comes with a complimentary pack n play mattress protector. This piece is waterproof and machine washable to make cleanup a snap.

Firmness and Comfort

At 2.5 inches thick, this bed is in the middle of the pack. However, since it is made of softer foam, you will want to flip and rotate the bed regularly to keep it from becoming too flat.


Milliard provides a 30-day no hassle return window on all of its products. You are responsible for paying shipping costs unless the mattress is defective. In that case, you will be reimbursed with your product refund.

  • Complimentary pad cover provided
  • Waterproof and washable
  • Fits most playards
  • May compress more easily because the foam is softer
Washable Cover:
Design and Materials

At three inches thick, this mattress is one of the thickest options available, making it ideal for your toddler. However, because it uses standard memory foam, we do not recommend it for infants since it will be too soft.

This bed also comes with a removable and washable polyester cover, making cleanup easier. With a tri-fold design, you can fold this bed compactly for extra portability. It also comes with a carrying case for added convenience.

The rounded edges also make it easier to use sheets since they won’t slip off too easily.

Firmness and Comfort

This bed is made of memory foam, making it comfortable for your little one. The foam itself is also breathable and soft without letting your child sink in too much. This mattress is ideal for side and stomach sleepers.


If you purchase this mattress through Amazon, you can receive a 30-day return window if you don’t like the product. Dreamcountry does not offer any individual support or sleep trials if you buy from them directly.

  • Removable and washable cover
  • Three-inch thick mattress
  • Fits most standard playards
  • Tri-fold design and carrying case provided
  • Not meant for small babies
  • No customer support outside of Amazon
Dual-Sided Mattress Cover:
Design and Materials

The interior of this mattress is made of three inches of soft comfort foam, but it also has a dual-sided cover, which is firm on one side and plush on the other.

Both sides are waterproof and washable. Just unzip the cover and you can toss it into the washing machine for added convenience. 

Firmness and Comfort

The firm side of this cover is designed to help prevent your little one from sinking too far. However, the material can feel a bit rough, so a sheet may be necessary to make it more comfortable.

Because this mattress is made of memory foam, compression may be an issue over time. Fortunately, since the foam is not dual-sided, you can simply flip the bed over and alleviate any flattening that may occur. When doing so, you will want to flip the cover so that the correct side is on top. Just remove the cover, flip the mattress, and then put it back on. 


As with all Milliard products, this mattress comes with a 30-day return guarantee. If your child doesn’t like the mattress for any reason, you can send it back for a full refund. Keep in mind, however, that you will have to pay for return shipping costs unless the bed is defective. 

  • Dual-sided cover design
  • Three inches of soft memory foam
  • Waterproof mattress cover provided
  • Fits most playards
  • In rare cases, the waterproof sealant on the cover may wear off easily
  • Some strong odors upon arrival
Dual-Sided Tri-Fold Mattress:
Design and Materials

This is one of the only dual-sided pack n play mattresses that also folds into three pieces. One side is made of high-density foam, making it ideal for infants. The opposite side is memory foam, which is better for toddlers.

This bed comes with a thick, 3D mesh cover that provides some breathability. However, this cover can be a bit rough against your child’s skin, so you might want to use a sheet. Also, the cover is not marked, so it can be hard to tell which side is which.

This mattress is 38.5 inches long, which is slightly longer than most standard play yards.

Firmness and Comfort

Although one side of this mattress is made with softer memory foam, it is also extra thin, so it doesn’t sink in as far as other models. So, the mattress is firmer than standard memory foam models, which can help provide support for back and stomach sleepers.

Also, the mesh cover can feel relatively rough, making this mattress less comfortable than those with a plush protector. 

The manufacturer does not offer a warranty on this mattress. However, if you purchase it through Amazon, you can take advantage of Amazon’s standard 30-day return window if you don’t like this bed for any reason.
  • Dual-sided, tri-fold mattress
  • Extra-firm design
  • Easy to clean
  • Cover can be too rough for some children
  • Hard to distinguish between either side

What If My Pack and Play Mattress Doesn’t Fit?

Because safety is a primary concern, you need to make sure that your bed fits the pack and play yard as snugly as possible. Typically, it is not advisable to stuff anything between any gaps between the mattress and the wall of the play yard, as they can come loose or become a suffocation hazard. We highly recommend taking measurements of your yard before purchasing so that you know it will fit.

Are Pack and Play Beds Safe for Babies?

Yes, according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, babies should sleep by themselves in either a crib or a Pack n Play yard. The benefit of these products is that they have room to move around without hurting themselves. Just make sure that your mattress is rated for infants. Also, if you plan to leave the room while your child is sleeping, you can use a baby movement monitor to be notified when they shift around.

Baby room with playpen

How to Clean Pack n Play Mattress?

Fortunately, many of these beds come with waterproof or water-resistant covers. This means that all you have to do is remove the pad and wash it. Even better, the pack n play units themselves are also designed to be easy to clean. Typically, you only have to wipe off any spills or messes, rather than use harsh cleaning chemicals. If your child is prone to bedwetting, you can also use an alarm to be notified of any accidents, allowing you to clean them up faster. 

How Can I Make My Pack n Play Mattress More Comfortable? 

There are a couple of different ways to increase your child’s comfort level with one of these beds. First, you can use a pack n play mattress sheet, which may feel smoother and softer than a standard mattress cover. Another option is to replace the cover with something thicker and more plush. Just be sure that the cover has the same dimensions so that it will fit snug. If your child has trouble sleeping, you might want to try using sleep music to help them as well.

Will I Need a Bassinet If I Have a Pack n Play?

Some of these products have a bassinet attachment for newborns up to six months. However, since some of these mattresses and playards are safe for infants, a bassinet may not be necessary, so it can come down to a matter of personal preference.

Is a Playpen the Same as a Pack n Play?

Although the names are similar, a playpen is not the same. Playpens are designed to keep your baby from wandering off, but they are not built to have a mattress on the bottom, so they are not necessarily suitable or safe for sleeping. Pack n plays are excellent for both playing and sleeping.

Now that you’re armed with this information, you can find the best pack n play mattress for your little one. Whether you plan to use it with a crib or instead of one, the right mattress can make it easier for your little one to fall asleep safely.

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