My Snoring Solution Review

My Snoring Solution Review – Will It Stop Your Snoring?

Last Updated on March 7, 2019

While snoring might be a mere inconvenience for some people, it's a serious health complication for others. So long as the cause your snoring problem isn't sleep apnea, a simple sleep aid like a snoring chin strap may be all you need to put a stop to the problem. Among the most popular snoring chin straps selling today is My Snoring Solution. In this My Snoring Solution review, you'll discover whether this best selling device warrants the attention it's received.

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Summary: My Snoring Solution is a patented snoring aid that uses a chin strap to keep the mouth closed and force the jaw into proper alignment to avoid obstructing the airway. Not only can this device provide fast relief from recurring snoring by forcing you to breathe through your nose instead of your mouth, it may also improve the quality of your sleep. Although pricier than most other jaw straps, My Snoring Solution is also likely to last longer.


  • Provides the right amount of tension and alignment for immediate relief
  • Soft and elastic material doesn't interfere with sleeping
  • Washable, hypoallergenic material
  • Includes the Sleep Success Program to help you sleep better


  • May create pressure points behind the ears
  • Elastic band may stretch out over time, reducing the effectiveness of the device
  • Expensive compared to other jaw straps


Snoring aids come in several different forms to address its many causes, not to mention individual preferences.

For example, sometimes the cause of snoring might be congested or otherwise inhibited nasal passages that can lead you to breathe through your mouth while sleeping. Other times, the cause might be a long soft palate, excessive throat tissue or weak muscle tone in the throat (source).

Regardless of the cause, snoring can lead to various health complications if left unchecked for too long, especially if a serious condition like sleep apnea is suspected. My Snoring Solution is a device specifically designed to address snoring issues related to the airway...

Key Features

My Snoring Solution consists of two components:

  • Jaw strap
  • The Sleep Success Program

The jaw strap is designed to fit over your head while resting snugly under your chin to keep your jaw closed and in proper alignment. This set position promotes an open airway that usually leads to less snoring and thus more restful sleep for both you and your sleep partner.

The Sleep Success Program is a booklet that offers tips to improve your sleeping habits, including powerful relaxation techniques to help you mentally prepare for sleep. This feature alone sets My Snoring Solution apart from its competitors, which only include the jaw strap.

My Snoring Solution Reviews

Detailed My Snoring Solution Review

Quality – 4/5

For most people, My Snoring Solution sits comfortably on the head and face without causing discomfort or impeding sleep. That said, the cutout design of the jaw strap may create pressure points behind the ears in some instances. And the fact that the strap isn't size adjustable doesn't help matters, unlike many competitors.

The padded strap is made from a soft, hypoallergenic and breathable neoprene material that won't irritate your skin. But even this high-quality fabric is prone to stretch out with consistent use, causing it to lose its elasticity over time. Other chin straps, however, are no different in this regard. In fact, My Snoring Solution surpasses most of its competitors in terms of durability.

Ease of Use – 4/5

At first glance, My Snoring Solution looks straightforward and intuitive but it actually requires careful placement to prevent the strap from pushing your jaw back too far, which can cause discomfort and compromise the effectiveness of the device.

But so long as you carefully follow the directions that come with it, you shouldn't have any problem securing the right fit. In fact, positioning the strap will start to become like second nature after going through the routine a couple of times.

Thus, while it may require some trial and error initially, using My Snoring Solution becomes a breeze once you get the hang of it.

Effectiveness – 4/5

My Snoring Solution is specifically designed to help mouth snorers, not nose snorers. Assuming you're in the former category, there's a good chance you'll benefit from this device. And you only need to wear it once to find out whether it works for you or not (so long as it's worn correctly).

The neoprene material used for My Snoring Solution is more comfortable and durable than many of its competitors, but the jaw strap will still likely stretch out and lose its elasticity after a while. Once this happens, your jaw probably won't stay in proper alignment and you'll likely need to replace the strap or find another snoring solution instead.

The addition of the Sleep Success Program is a nice bonus that might provide you with some useful, albeit not groundbreaking tips.

Price – 3/5

Comparatively speaking, My Snoring Solution is one of the more expensive chin straps on the market today. But based on its record of success, the extra cost isn't all that unreasonable. Thus, for a fast snoring solution that's relatively hassle-free, this device may suit your needs. Alternatively, there are several cheaper options as well, which we cite below...



My Snoring Solution

How Does It Compare?

SleepWell Pro Chin Strap

A less expensive strap than My Snoring Solution, SleepWell uses a very flexible and soft material for minimal disruptions while sleeping.

That said, its jaw strap stretches out over time, which can reduce its effectiveness within several months and sometimes sooner.

CareFusion Stop Snoring Chin Strap

This product is especially affordable, making it a great choice for those skeptical of chin straps in general. But the cheap cost is offset by how quickly the strap wears out.

This comes as no surprise as the material is of lower quality, which may lose some of its strength as soon as a month of consistent use.

AG Industries Premium Chin Strap

Another budget-friendly option, the AG consists of a wide and adjustable one piece strap that's designed to accommodate most head sizes.

Extra elastic strips are also included for those who need extra chin support. The device comes with little instruction, which may leave you guessing at times.

Respironics Premium Chin Strap by P.R.

Respironics is a trusted name in the industry and this mid-range strap strikes a balance between affordability and functionality.

Unlike some other straps, this model includes an extra band that wraps around the back of the head for extra support. The device is also designed to work with a CPAP machine.

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Which Snoring Chin Strap Should You Buy?

If you have doubts about whether a snoring chin strap will help alleviate your snoring problem, you may first want to consider starting with the CareFusion or AG Industries straps as they're more affordable (but also more difficult to adjust).

But if you already have experience with chin straps, it may be worth investing in a device like SleepWell or My Snoring Solution as they're of higher quality and more durable. While SleepWell may have the slight edge overall, My Snoring Solution may be the better pick if you're interested in their bonus Sleep Success Program that comes with the device.


My Snoring Solution is a good option if you suffer from a consistent snoring problem that's not due to a serious health condition like sleep apnea. And while more expensive than its competitors, the functionality of the strap more than makes up for the difference.

My Snoring Solution also tends to last longer than most other straps on the market, which means you won't have to replace it as often. For these reasons and more, My Snoring Solution meets our approval.

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