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ChiliPad Review – How Good Is It Really?

Last Updated on February 17, 2019

Comfy bed? Check. Dark surroundings? Check. Temperature control? Not quite... Even when you've created the perfect sleep environment with a cozy bed set in a pitch black room, your quality of sleep can still suffer if you routinely have trouble keeping warm or always feel too hot. A personalized heating/cooling sleep system may help resolve this problem and the ChiliPad is one such example. In this ChiliPad review, you'll discover the qualities that make this product a top seller as well as a few areas where it falls short.

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Summary: The ChiliPad Cube is a mattress pad designed to regulate the surface temperature of your bed by heating or cooling water within the pad itself. Unlike previous iterations of the ChiliPad, the Cube motor unit in this latest design includes ample ventilation as well as a more user-friendly remote control. The mattress pad is comfortable and offers relief, especially to hot sleepers. The white noise effect of the fan unit also serves as a powerful sleep aid.


  • Effectively heats and cools your bed
  • Made of breathable yet durable materials
  • Easily adaptable between single or dual zone bed controls
  • All mattress pad sizes are compatible with adjustable beds
  • Includes user-friendly remote control
  • Lights on the unit automatically shut off after several minutes to reduce light pollution


  • The whole unit needs to be replaced if it becomes damaged after the warranty expires (can't replace individual parts)
  • Doesn't reliably reach lowest temperature setting of 55 degrees Fahrenheit
  • Fan volume may be too disruptive for some people
  • Not suitable for extra small sleep spaces (requires two feet of free air space for all sides of the Cube)
  • Expensive


What do you do when you feel too hot or cold to sleep? Well, a couple of things immediately spring to mind: change the bedroom temperature and/or pile on or strip off bed sheets and blankets (source). But even when these adjustments are made, the temperature still might not be comfortable enough to sleep soundly.

These situations call for a different approach, one that offers you the exact amount of cooling or heating necessary to help improve the quality of your sleep. Products like the ChiliPad Cube are specifically designed to provide the right temperature directly onto your sleep surface.

Moreover, sleep temperature regulators like the ChiliPad Cube have the added benefit of acting as an effective white noise generator that may replace the need for a white noise machine — a popular sleep aid for those who prefer falling asleep to soothing background sounds.

Key Features

  • The ChiliPad Cube heating and cooling mattress pad uses a motorized fan to heat and cool a series of water-filled, medical-grade silicone tubes embedded within a comfortable mattress pad.
  • The mattress pad itself is made from 150 thread count poly cotton and comes in a range of eight sizes suitable for all standard and extra thick mattresses.
  • The remote control and base unit can both be used to set the target temperature ranging from 55 to 110 degrees Fahrenheit (13-43 degrees Celsius).
  • The digital display on the unit itself shows the current ChiliPad temperature, making it clear when the mattress pad has reached the set temperature.

Key Benefits

  • Effectively cools you down, including those who use memory foam mattresses (!) – Although renowned for their comfort, memory foam mattresses often retain a lot of body heat. Thus, sleepers who feel hot due to sleeping on memory foam mattresses will particularly appreciate the ChiliPad's direct cooling effect on the sleep surface.
  • Effectively warms you up – The ChiliPad can also provide heat when you're feeling too cold, thus single-handedly replacing the need for electric mattress pads and electric blankets.
  • Offers different temperature settings for couples – The ChiliPad is available in dual zone models featuring separate control units for each side of the bed. Whereas standard room fans provide one set temperature, ChiliPad's dual zone control feature ensures both you and your partner enjoy uniquely ideal sleep temperatures.
  • Saves space in your bedroom – Compared to standard tower fans, the small size of the ChiliPad control unit takes up less room in most sleep spaces. A 48-inch connection between the mattress pad and control unit also allows for a variety of distances, which especially benefits those who want cooling/heating without the white noise.
ChiliPad Cube Review

Detailed ChiliPad Review Review

Quality – 4/5

Made from a soft, breathable and wrinkle-resistant polyester cotton, the mattress pad is a well-constructed device that's designed to last. Equally durable are the medical-grade silicone micro-tubes that house the water within the mattress pad, which are resistant to leaks or ruptures even when faced with the claws of several house cats! And despite relying on the use of water, the ChiliPad mattress and control unit aren't prone to collect mold and produce unpleasant odors.

The control unit itself is also known to have a good track record and it, along with the mattress pad, will be replaced free of charge if any malfunctions occur during the two-year warranty. But since there are no replacement parts available for the ChiliPad, you'd have to buy an entirely new mattress pad and control unit should any problems arise after the two-year warranty expires — a condition we're not too crazy about.

That said, both the ChiliPad mattress pad and control unit are likely to function well beyond the warranty period so long as you adhere to the basic care and maintenance instructions...

Ease of Use – 3.5/5

Although daily use is simple and straightforward, the ChiliPad is not exactly a "plug-and-play" device as it requires a few set-up and maintenance steps that need to be followed to operate properly:

  1. Only distilled water should be used
  2. Sleep environment should allow for ample airflow into the control unit
  3. Despite well-constructed silicone tubes, a waterproof mattress cover should be used for extra protection
  4. The mattress pad and control unit should be periodically cleaned as part of its ongoing maintenance
  5. The water level should be checked and topped-off at regular intervals as evaporation can occur

So long as these steps are carried through, the ChiliPad is a cinch to use.

Now, you have a choice of controlling the power and temperature settings on the Cube itself or via the remote control. But depending on the ambient air conditions in your sleep room, it can take some time for the ChiliPad to reach the set temperature. Thus, for the most pleasant start to a restful night of sleep, the ChiliPad should be turned on at least 10 minutes before climbing into bed.

ChiliPad Cube Components

Features – 4/5

The ChiliPad Cube set consists of a control unit, mattress pad, remote control and power cord...

Control Unit/Mattress Pad

The semiconductor technology behind the control unit keeps the mattress surface at an optimal temperature for even the warmest of 'hot sleepers' throughout the night. And despite the micro-tubing embedded in the mattress pad, most people find the surface comfortable to sleep on. Perhaps best of all, the dual mode option allows for each bed partner to sleep at his/her own preferred temperature.

Remote Control

The remote control allows you to adjust the ChiliPad temperature on an 'as-needed' basis. While most people quickly settle on an ideal sleep temperature setting and stick to it throughout the night, changing ambient temperatures or personal preferences can easily be adapted to without leaving the comfort of your bed.

Whereas earlier iterations of ChiliPad's remote control required some explanation on how to use it, the latest design is sleeker and more user-friendly. We especially appreciate this update as a complicated remote is the last thing you'd want to deal with while trying to get a good night's sleep!

Power Cord

The power cord features a three-prong plug as an extra level of safety to protect you and your family from electrical hazards — an especially important factor in devices designed to run throughout the night like the ChiliPad.

Price – 3.5/5

The price of the ChiliPad is comparable to many other high-tech sleep accessories and should be considered in this category rather than lumped in with other mattress covers. And although the upfront cost of this unique product can seem a bit steep to some potential buyers, experienced users swear by its effectiveness and have seen marked improvements in their quality of sleep.

The day-to-day costs of running the ChiliPad are quite low as it's designed for energy efficiency with an average energy use of only 80W. Moreover, by controlling temperatures only at the bed surface where it's most needed, household central heating and cooling costs associated with nighttime use can be significantly reduced.



ChiliPad Cube

How Does It Compare?

BedJet V2 Climate Comfort for Beds

Featuring proprietary 'biorhythm sleep technology' and programmable climate profiles suitable for all hours of the night, the BedJet is perhaps ChiliPad's most direct competitor. But instead of using heated/cooled water piped through a mattress pad to regulate optimal temperatures, the BedJet actually streams air directly into the bed itself.

A smartphone app makes it easy to monitor, track and adjust the device.

Lasko 2511 36-Inch Tower Fan

With three speeds to choose from, this powerful remote controlled tower fan provides fresh air for the whole room and can either be set to oscillate or stay in the same position.

The sleek, quiet design fits into any area of the home, including sleeping spaces.

Holmes HANF76BLZ07-UC 2 Speed Fan

Suitable for even the smallest of spaces, this Holmes personal fan is a compact version of the brand's popular 'Blizzard' model.

The unit can be easily tilted to optimize the direction of airflow and includes two fan speeds plus a wall mounting option.

Honeywell HY-280 QuietSet Whole Room Tower Fan

While designed to cool large spaces, the eight-speed settings included in this Honeywell tower fan also make it perfect for small rooms.

The unit runs quietly and includes an auto shut off timer that ranges in duration from one to eight hours, making it useful for sleeping spaces.

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Which Sleep Temperature Control System Is Right for You?

If you only need cooling and appreciate the sound of a fan humming throughout the night, a high-quality, adjustable and programmable fan such as the Honeywell tower fan will probably serve you well.

But fans specifically designed for sleeping like the ChiliPad and BedJet may suit you better if you find yourself agreeing with at least one of the following five statements:

  • Tower fans and table fans don't cool you enough to sleep soundly
  • You appreciate having a range of temperature settings to choose from (hot to cold)
  • You want to be able to set different temperatures for each side of your bed
  • You sleep better without white noise or other kinds of sounds playing in the background
  • You like the idea of saving on energy costs while still getting enough warmth/coolness in your bed

Now, choosing between the ChiliPad and BedJet comes down to few factors, two of which favor the ChiliPad and two which don't:

ChiliPad Advantages Over the BedJet

  • Better temperature control – Even though temperatures can easily be customized with the BedJet, the ChiliPad offers better fine-tuning
  • No skin sensitivity – If the sensation of a fan blowing subtly against your skin bothers you, the ChiliPad may be the better option

BedJet Advantages Over the ChiliPad

  • Less expensive – The BedJet is considerably cheaper than the ChiliPad
  • More durable – The ChiliPad is a two-component system (mattress pad plus control unit) and as such is more susceptible to possible problems than the BedJet, which only consists of the control unit.

Still can't decide between the ChiliPad and BedJet? Read our detailed review of the BedJet HERE to arm you with even more information.


While expensive, the ChiliPad Cube is bound to make a big difference in your life, especially when cooling appliances like tower fans and heating accessories like electric blankets haven't sufficiently helped. Unlike these standard devices, the ChiliPad's full range of heating and cooling options are likely to benefit you when temperature significantly affects your sleep.

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